Dv TDM Document Management Software


Dv TDM Document Management Software


Why do some document management solutions fail?

  • Trying to do every thing at once
  • Creating more work for the staff
  • Showing no immediate benefit
  • Dual Systems
  • Old and New
  • Deal with some document types but not all
Dv TDM equips progressive organisations with the expertise and tools to better manage the creation, capture, organization, storage, retrieval, manipulation and controlled circulation of business documents, data, drawings, and CAD files

The New Work Environment

  • More matrixed reporting lines – more people are involved in decisions & greater efficiency demanded
  • Remote work and work from homeHigher complexity of work – leaders and employees must collaborate with more people
  • Higher volume of information – More time finding and reviewing data/information and information overload
  • Employees are more geographically dispersed

The Business Need – an efficient document management system

  • An Electronic Document Control and Management System is more than technology, it is about improving digital information management and the way people work with digital information.
  • Improve business processes through the automation of workflows and efficient document and records management.
  • Mantra: Automate, Integrate, Add value

The Benefits of Document Management

  • Improved document availability – several people can access the same documents simultaneously
  • Increased process throughput – electronic documents are easier to find and are available instantly. They can be referenced, updated, and forwarded without being printed. They are re-filed instantly without getting lost or filed incorrectly. At the end of their useful life, they can be archived or destroyed easily (and securely)
  • Integrated information resources – information/documentation is stored in a single place regardless of where the information originated
  • Better document security/integrity
  • Reduced storage requirements

Advantages of an efficient document management solution

  • Eliminates waiting time for documents, on or off site
  • Eliminates duplication of documents
  • Eliminates multiple versions of documents
  • Eliminates ‘lost’ documentation
  • Reduces costs associated with above
  • Reduces need for filing cabinets, folders, tabs, locks, etc.; leading to reduction of file room requirements and saving on rental space
  • Elimination of off-site storage costs

Solution: identify the types of documents you want to manage

  • Identify what documents are involved in a core transaction. Do they include:
  • Fax?
  • Email?
  • Microsoft Office documents?
  • Hard copy/mail such as a signed contract?
  • CAD?
  • Consider if it would be of benefit for all documents pertaining to the one transaction to be in one location
  • Note: backing up documents is not ‘managing’ them

Document Management: IT Infrastructure effects

  • A document management system will increase the number of electronic files
  • A document management system will reduce the number of duplicate and lost files that reside on a server
  • The accuracy of backing up and ease of retrieval will require less data to be stored on the server
  • An efficient document management system should reduce the network traffic
  • An efficient document management system should reduce the amount of information being archived

Content Searching

  1. Simple indexing is imperfect for document retrieval
  • Simple indexing takes time and costs money
  • The solution is to supplement the index with ‘content searching’, i.e. the indexing of every word in a document. This means the retrieval of the data is:
  • Faster
  • More accurate
  • Instant
  • Relevant both today and in the future


  • The majority of information is sent by email
  • Emails are legal documents
  • You do not want to index junk emails
  • You will want email to be stored in the correct location (e.g. with the rest of the project information)
  • You need to be able to read the emails today and in the future.
  • These question are dealt with in the installation:
  • What about attachments?
  • What about Automatic Transmittal’s ?
  • What about Content searching?
  • Can we use the Domain Name or the Subject?

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